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The CFDs Trading Industry is Experiencing Massive Disruptions in 2022! We provide state-of-art tools to help you research the best trades in this market. Utilize our Powerful tools to trade CFDs on FX, stock, commodities, and crypto like a pro! All the tools under the Bitindex Prime are beginner friendly and safe!

All trading involves risk!

7 January 2022 | Updated:

Bitindex Prime Features

Advanced Trading Research

The best trading research tools should help you identify quality trading signals. Conducting trading research via the traditional methods is complicated and time-consuming. The Bitindex Prime trading tools make trading research easy, fun, and fast. Any complete beginner can easily find their way into the trading game by using our tools.

Robust risk management

Risk management is the backbone of success in all online trading. You can’t succeed in this game without a robust risk management plan. We offer tools to guide you through risk management planning. These tools help you define your risk appetite and align it with your trading. We also provide tools to help you control trading emotions.

Transparent trading environment

Bitindex Prime provides tools for trading research and risk management. These tools are applied through an assigned broker. All traders are matched with a broker upon completing the registration on this page. We work with the most reputable CFD brokers on the market. These brokers have measures in place to prove transparency.

Why Trade With Bitindex Prime?

Online trading has grown rapidly in the last ten years. The industry is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars today. Analysts predict it will maintain double-digit growth for the next 20 years. Thousands of people have made fortunes through online trading.

The most traded assets today are CFDs on forex, stock, and crypto. Most successful traders today have earned their wealth trading CFDs on these assets. The CFDs market is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2027. Its rapid growth is bound to make many traders rich.

You can take advantage of the rapid growth by trading popular CFDs through the Bitindex Prime tools. Bitindex Prime offers these tools through reputable global CFDs brokers. These brokers facilitate all trading.

Trade CFDs on Stock FX, and Crypto Through the Bitindex Prime Tools!


1. How much do the Bitindex Prime tools cost?

You don’t pay anything to use the Bitindex Prime tools. However, we plan to introduce a signup fee at the end of our pilot testing phase. The fee will apply to all new registrations. Those who secure a slot on the free license will enjoy it for a lifetime. Please note that the implementing broker charges trading fees.

2. Is Bitindex Prime a genuine trading platform?

Bitindex Prime is a genuine platform offering various tools to help you improve online trading. These tools enable traders to conduct quality trading research and manage risk. All the tools under this platform are executed through legitimate and quality brokers. We are also committed to transparency.

3. How much do I need to trade with Bitindex Prime tools?

You need to fund your account with a minimum of 250 USD to access the Bitindex Prime trading tools. We will redirect you to a local broker’s page to deposit. Please note that all trading happens through this broker. Bitindex Prime only provides tools to help you improve your trading with the broker.

4. Does Bitindex Prime charge any hidden fees?

You don’t pay anything to sign up on this page. We do not charge you anything to use our tools through the assigned broker. All trading fees charged apply on the side of the broker. We carry out in-depth due diligence before partnering with any of these brokers. However, it’s quite important that you do your research before proceeding with any of them.

5. Can I use Bitindex Prime on my mobile phone?

The Bitindex Prime tools can be used on any device. As mentioned earlier, our tools are not used independently. They are built to integrate with systems offered by our partner brokers. The partner broker’s systems are available in web, desktop, and mobile versions. Therefore, you can use our tools on any device.

6. What assets can I trade with Bitindex Prime?

Bitindex Prime can trade up to 500 CFDs on different asset classes. The popular asset classes include FX, stock, commodities, and crypto. You can trade multiple asset classes or specialize with one. The assigned broker will prompt you to select the preferred asset classes. You will gain access to the Bitindex Prime tools specialized for the selected asset class.

More Information about Bitindex Prime

What is Bitindex Prime?

Bitindex Prime is a platform that provides an assortment of powerful trading tools. These trading tools are built to make CFD trading easy, exciting, and more profitable. The tools are best suited for traders from all experience levels.

Traders can select the trading tools to apply in their trading research based on their experience level. Beginner traders who have tried our tools report generating amazing results from day one of trading. Expert traders who have tried the tools also express great satisfaction.

The Bitindex Prime tools can help you maximize your trading performance by refining your research. You can use the tools to capture news-driven volatility and generate quality signals. Moreover, the tools can be applied in price trend analysis.

Price trend analysis is a technical analysis method that involves a study of historical price behaviour to predict future behaviour. This technique is founded on the assumption that price behaviour is cyclical. The trader’s goal should be to identify points at which the behaviour will repeat and use them to generate tradable signals.

How does Bitindex Prime work?

Bitindex Prime improves trading by ensuring fast and accurate trading research. The platform also provides tools to ensure proper risk management.

Traders who use our tools to conduct trading research reduce the trading research time by more than 50%. The speedy trading research and order placing allows them to capitalize on most of the opportunities that are present in the market.

Our trading tools also ensure high accuracy by enabling traders to analyze huge data sets. Big data analysis is the backbone of success in all trading. The more data a trader can analyze, the more accurate the trading decisions.

Apart from trading research, we also help the trader manage risk in trading. We offer tools to help them sieve through the noise and capture the information that matters. Moreover, we help them manage emotions in trading.

Experts attribute poor decision-making in trading to the emotions of fear and greed. You are likely to lose when you place trades based on these emotions. The Bitindex Prime tools help traders manage these emotions through the SL and TP tools.

We also offer a test to help you determine your risk appetite and align your risk profile with your trading goals. You can use the demo platform offered by the underlying broker to try out different risk levels before trading.

Use the provided tools to set points at which winning or losing trades should close. Some risk control tools are offered in collaboration with the assigned broker.

Bitindex Prime Review – Tradable Instruments

You can use our tools to identify the best trades on hundreds of CFDs. The underlying broker offers CFDs on forex, stock, commodities and crypto. Our tools have earned a big name in trading stock and crypto CFDs.

You can use our tools to analyze and trade over 50 global stocks. Some of the stocks you can analyze using our tools include Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and Apple. You can also use our tools to trade trending cryptos, including those in the metaverse category. All these assets are traded through the CFDs offered by our partner brokers.

With us, you can conduct fast and accurate research for quality trading signals. The tools can help you identify volatility trading opportunities and take advantage of them in a split second. CFDs are highly news sensitive and hence best traded through news-driven strategies. We help you implement these strategies at high accuracy.

CFDs are traded on leverage to magnify the returns. Leverage is a form of debt provided by the broker to help the broker trade big lot sizes with little capital. High leverage increases both the potential profits and losses. The Bitindex Prime tools should help you determine the leverage level that suits your risk appetite.

Why do I link to a broker on signing up with Bitindex Prime?

As stated earlier, Bitindex Prime tools cannot be used independently. These tools are built to be used through the trading platforms provided by the broker.

The tools perfectly integrate with the MT4, MT5, and the cTrader. We have also customized them to integrate with some brokers’ proprietary trading platforms. The integration happens in the background, so there is no heavy lifting on the broker’s side.

You only need to register on the official Bitindex Prime website to be matched with an implementing broker. We work with over 15 brokers to access traders from over 120 countries across the globe. Bitindex Prime is developed to work under the systems provided by these brokers.

You don’t need to master the technical MT4, cTrader, or any of the supported trading programs. The trading system integrated with the Bitindex Prime trading tools is fully customized to support traders of all experience levels.

Please note that the underlying broker facilitates all trading. Consequently, any issue relating to the tradable assets, trading fees and other trading conditions should be addressed. We have scrutinized all our implementing partners and found them to be the best. However, you should also do your due diligence to make an informed choice.

Bitindex Prime in the news

We are an internet sensation globally. Hundreds of thousands of posts relating to our platform on Facebook alone. We are also a viral trend on Reddit and Twitter.

Bitindex Prime is top-rated on all the leading financial news platforms. We have made it to the coveted experts’ lists for the best CFDs trading tools in the market today. Our tools are also reviewed in all the authoritative crypto publications.

As is expected, our popularity has also made us a top target for fake news. Some of the notorious Bitindex Prime-related headlines are discussed below.

Bitindex Prime Tesla

The headlines alleging that we’ve been bought by Tesla are fake news. We haven’t sold Bitindex Prime to any individual or company. Moreover, we haven’t raised funds from any lending institution or angel investor.

Bitindex Prime is fully funded through the trading commissions charged when our trading tools are used.

Bitindex Prime Amazon

Amazon is another global conglomerate allegedly invested in the Bitindex Prime platform. The headlines alleging so should be shunned since they are fake news.

We do not have plans to finance our platform through debt capital or angel funding. Therefore, the posts claiming that Amazon has financed, are nothing but fake news. You must avoid these posts since they could be used to share malicious links.

You should only visit the official Bitindex Prime Platform through links from verified sources. Please bookmark this site if you do not intend to register now.

Bitindex Prime Dragons Den

The Dragons Den is a popular TV program featuring a panel of angel investors receiving investment pitches from entrepreneurs.

Some social media posts claim that Bitindex Prime was pitched on this show a few months ago. Please be warned that these claims are fake news. As mentioned above, scammers could use such news to trick you into signing up with clones.

Avoid any news linking our trading program with celebrities of a popular TV show unless confirmed on this page.



Is Bitindex Prime a scam? Final word!

This is one of the most searched terms on Google and Bing. Many experts have investigated us and published reviews in authoritative publications. You can confirm our authenticity by reading the independent expert reviews.

We are committed to the core values of transparency and openness. This page discloses all the crucial information about the Bitindex Prime platform. Unlike most of our competitors, we have disclosed the identities of all our partner brokers.

We only link you to tested and verified CFDs brokers. These brokers have an amazing reputation and operate in high transparency. We are working with these brokers to introduce a blockchain-based trading ecosystem where you can monitor all activities in your account.

All transactions in this ecosystem will be executed through smart contracts technology. Smart contracts ensure smooth transactions by ensuring the predetermined conditions are executed to the letter.

Bitindex Prime only offers tools to help CFD traders improve their trades. We offer the tools via select CFD brokers. All deposits and trading happens through these brokers. Consequently, we do not take responsibility for actions taken on the underlying broker’s platform.

You should therefore conduct your due diligence carefully before trading. Our tools are worth the risk, but we insist that you only trade with what you can afford to lose. Take the risk appetite test with the broker and use the tools to manage the trading risk.

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